Do I Need A Dental Crown? [QUIZ]

You may need some type of restorative dental treatment throughout your life, and chances are, it will be a dental crown. That’s because as durable as your teeth are designed to be, they not incapable of taking on damage and wear. When that happens, you need to visit Dr. Swartzentruber and our team in Montgomery, AL for a strong, ...

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Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety! [VIDEO]

It’s not likely you’ll see many adults skipping happily off to the dentist office. But most of us are able to keep our routine dental appointments because we know it’s for our own good. For millions of others, though, their fears about treatment are enough to keep them out of the dentist office entirely. But our team at Carmichael ...

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Five Flossing Tips for Reluctant Flossers

Many people are reluctant to floss their teeth because it can be tough to do, especially at first. We compare it to a physical fitness routine. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. When it’s a regular habit, you’ll do it almost without thinking about it – and maybe even feel bad if you miss a day. And like going to the gym, the ...

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Get Personable and Professional Dental Care in Montgomery, AL (video)

If you’ve ever put off going to the dentist, you’re not alone. But you’ll be less likely to avoid dental appointments if you get personable and professional dental care in our Montgomery, AL office. That was the case for Ashley, one of our patients at Carmichael Dental Care. Watch this video to hear her talk about how she used to ...

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Cosmetic Dentures Keep Replacement Teeth on the Down Low

The best cosmetic improvements are often the subtle ones. Let’s face it: you want people to notice your improved appearance, not the hair color, makeup, or even plastic surgery that makes you look better. Given that, it’s not surprising that many folks are less than satisfied with the look of their smile after they get dentures. Too often, ...

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We Can Handle Your Emergency Dental Care (video)

Perhaps nothing can wreck your day quite as badly as a broken tooth or other dental disaster, especially if you’re in pain. Fortunately, one of our Montgomery, AL dentists can usually see you right away for emergency dental care. That’s because we keep time available on our schedule to allow for unexpected appointments. Watch this video to ...

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Brighten Your Outlook – and Smile – With Cosmetic Dental Treatments

For many folks, spring is a time their thoughts turn to sprucing up their house and yard. If you’re one of those people, a simple house cleaning might inspire you to make other improvements – whether it’s a new coat of paint or a more ambitious remodeling project. The same may be true of your smile! If you come to Carmichael Dental Care ...

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Are You Showing Signs of Gum Disease? (quiz)

The bad news: Gum disease is the most common cause of lost teeth among adults. The good news: You typically don’t lose teeth in the early stages of gum disease. It’s easy for our Montgomery, AL dentists to treat early stage gum disease with a thorough dental cleaning or a special deep-cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing. Even ...

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Prevent Dental Injuries With A Custom Athletic Mouthguard

The spring sports season is underway, but there’s still time to swap out your student-athlete’s store-bought mouthguard for one that offers better protection. At Carmichael Dental Care, we like to think of mouthguards as just another piece of sporting equipment — one that can help prevent dental injuries and costly curative procedures. We ...

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Personalized & Personable Dental Care [VIDEO]

One of the things that patients love about Carmichael Dental Care is our team of compassionate and personable professionals! Just ask Doug. “I like coming here because of the people,” Doug said. “I like Dr. Chet. His staff are courteous, professional, and it’s a nice place to come.” At Carmichael Dental Care, you’re not just a ...

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