5 Ways to Fix Cracked or Broken Teeth

There are so many ways to damage teeth – from not catching a ball thrown at you, to biting down on a piece of hard candy, to falling down on a hard surface. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix cracked or broken teeth too. If you’ve suffered dental damage, call Carmichael Dental Care today at 334-600-1423 right away. We’ll examine you and ...

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Gum Disease Doesn’t Have to Be Serious (Video)

Gum disease can be a serious problem – one that leads to tooth loss. It doesn’t have to be, though. As Dr. Shawn Keahey explains in our video, we treat it in our Montgomery, AL office with a deep-cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing. We may also prescribe an antibiotic. Perhaps most important, we’ll monitor your mouth ...

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Root Canal vs. Extraction: How Do You Choose?

If you’ve got a badly damaged tooth, you may be looking at a choice of root canal vs. extraction. While neither procedure may exactly appeal to you, the one you choose can affect many aspects of your dental health. Our dentists will likely suggest one of the two procedures when damage to your tooth affects its pulp, or soft interior. If the ...

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4 Reasons to Get Dental Implants (Infographic)

If you are looking for reasons to get dental implants, you won’t need to look very hard. When used with restorations like dental crowns or dentures, implants give you replacement teeth that look, feel, and function almost exactly like natural teeth. Check out our infographic for four reasons to get dental implants, then call Carmichael ...

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Treat Snoring, Sleep Well, & Feel Better

Humans don’t hibernate, but we bet some of you reading this feel like you’re sleeping next to a bear at night. The sounds coming from your spouse or significant other can make hard for you to get the rest you need. As we’ll explain, this can prevent them from getting healthy sleep, too. Loud and constant snoring is one of the most ...

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Protect Yourself From Nighttime Teeth Grinding (video)

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a problem for millions of people across the United States. Many of them do this while they are sleeping, which can contribute to jaw pain and stiffness, headaches, and other painful problems. We want to end your pain by treating the problem. By wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard, you can prevent the nighttime ...

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Do Your Part To Keep Your Family Smiling

You’ve scheduled a family portrait. You and your kids are wearing coordinated outfits, and everyone is in a good mood (for now at least). This day will be a nice memory years from now You’ve put a lot of work into making today possible, including keep your family’s smile looking healthy. Having cavity-free smiles that look natural ...

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Feel Great About Coming To See The Dentist (video)

As a pastor, Matt is in front of lots of people many times. He also appreciates the value of comforting others. But for a long time, he was scared to go to the dentist. That was before he found our team in Montgomery, AL. We make extra effort to keep patients like Matt and other relaxed. We’re honored that we have been able to help many ...

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Dine Out On Your New Implant-Supported Dentures

You see a commercial on television for the latest special at the local pizza place. You would love to bite into the crust and savor the flavors on that cheesy pie. But … you are missing teeth. Maybe you have dentures. Maybe you don’t. Either way, you know that eating that particular pizza would be more trouble than it’s worth. Experience ...

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Fall in Love with Your Perfect Smile This Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hope you’re able to share this Valentine’s Day with someone you care about deeply. If you’re like many of us, you’ll put in extra time to spruce up your appearance. You want to look great for your significant other! If your smile is stopping you from doing that, or if it’s preventing you from feeling confident enough to meet someone, ...

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