The Lowdown on Turmeric Teeth Whitening

It seems like we’re always hearing about new methods of natural teeth whitening, from charcoal to coconut oil to acid cider vinegar. The latest one that’s been getting some buzz is turmeric teeth whitening. Turmeric is a bright yellow-orange spice that is often found in Indian food. As for its whitening abilities, the American Dental ...

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Do I Need a Sports Mouthguard? (Quiz)

Many people will spend hours selecting shoes or other gear for athletic activities. Yet they may give little if any thought to a sports mouthguard. This despite the fact that up to 39 percent of dental injuries are related to sports, according to an article in the Journal of the American Dental Association. If you play a sport, there’s a good ...

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4 Reasons You May Want a Dental Mouthguard

You may do all the right things to prevent the damage that cavities can do to your teeth: brushing, flossing, and eating the right kinds of foods. But while dental decay is common, it isn’t the only way your teeth can be harmed. Fortunately, one simple tool can prevent many kinds of damage: a dental mouthguard. Our dentists can fit you for ...

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Don’t Let Fear of the Dentist Get in the Way of Your Smile! [VIDEO]

David was no fan of visiting the dentist, but when a friend recommended Dr. Swartzentruber, he was at least willing to give it a try. Now he’s glad he did! Listen to David talk about the many reasons why it’s not hard for him to come back to us for all his dental care needs. Let us help ease your dental anxiety! Call Carmichael Dental ...

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Pack Tooth-Friendly Snacks & Lunches for School [BLOG]

The new school season is upon us! Like those of us here who are parents, you’re probably looking for ways to save time – which seems to disappear with all the extracurricular activities and transportation. If you’ve been to Carmichael Dental Care before, you know that we do lots of things to make  tooth-friendly snacks and lunches for ...

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Get Your Facial Rejuvenation at the Dentist [PHOTO]

Have you been thinking about procedures like Botox to get back that youthful appearance? Maybe you’re a thirty-something who is starting to notice new lines. Perhaps you’re a fifty-something empty-nester who is ready to do something for your appearance. No matter your situation, men and women have benefited from facial rejuvenation at the ...

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Can Our Dentist Help With Your Jaw Pain? [QUIZ]

How do you deal with chronic jaw pain in Montgomery? Do you take an anti-inflammatory every day or every time it flares up? Do you avoid certain foods that seem to make the pain worse? Or do you simply not know what to do? Pain in your jaw is often a sign of TMJ disorder, or TMD (you may have heard people calling it just “TMJ”). Sometimes ...

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Redesign Your Smile With a Set of Veneers [BLOG]

It doesn’t matter if you’re 27 or 67 – time sets in and plays a role on your appearance, whether welcomed or not. Many people look to new haircuts, cosmetic facial treatments, fitness routines, and more to restore that youthful look. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that. If you’ve noticed signs of aging on your smile – perhaps ...

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Kids Dental Cleanings Do More Than Make Smiles Shine [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new school year means a long checklist to make sure your kids have everything they need. If you’re on top of all the supplies, forms, and more, we salute you! But have you remembered kids dental cleanings to ensure they start the school year off with healthy smiles? Biannual dental cleanings are important for keeping cavities at bay. ...

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Brushing for Two: Don’t Neglect Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental care is always important. But dental care during pregnancy is absolutely critical. Just like everything else that happens when you’re expecting, what you do has the potential to affect not just you, but your unborn baby. Why Dental Care During Pregnancy Is So Important We bet you’ve heard the phrase “eating for two.” While some ...

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