Keep Your Teeth White This Fall/Winter

Many of us enjoy seeing leaves change color this time of year, turning gold, red, and orange. In Alabama it’s fun to trek to spots like Cheaha State Park, DeSoto State Park, and Joe Wheeler State Park to see the show. Color change is a good look for leaves – but not for your smile. When your teeth look yellow, brown, or orange, they look ...

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Should I Get Dental Implants or a Dental Bridge? (Infographic)

If you’ve lost teeth, you may be wondering whether to get dental implants or a dental bridge to replace them. Every smile is different, so the answer will vary from person to person. The best way to find out is by scheduling a consultation with one of our dentists. They’ll assess your smile, explain both options, and answer all of your ...

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Use Dental Insurance Benefits Before the New Year (Video)

With the holidays approaching, you’ve got a lot going on. You’re likely not thinking about your dental insurance benefits. You may want to, though, to ensure you get all of the benefits that are coming to you. Check out this video from the American Dental Association, which covers some common insurance terms. One that should interest you is ...

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Too Much Halloween Candy? Here’s What to Do With It

If you’re doubtful about the old “too much of a good thing” cliche, you’ve obviously never had an over abundance of Halloween candy. For many of us, Halloween itself isn’t the only time our kids gather goodies. Some calendars are filled with class parties, trunk-or-treat events, and similar occasions for weeks. The result is more ...

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4 Snacking Dos and Don’ts

Most of us have a weakness for sweet and/or salty snacks. The problem is, many of them are pretty bad for your teeth. Fortunately it is isn’t tough to make choices that are better for your smile – yet will still satisfy your snack cravings. Check out our infographic for four snacking dos and don’ts from our dentists. If you have any ...

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Make Your Beautiful Smile Last With Cosmetic Dentistry

October is a month where it’s OK to try on many different looks. Masks and makeup let you pretend to be everything from a beautiful princess to a scary demon. You may find that even a temporary alteration of your appearance can change how you interact with others and even feel about yourself. With our cosmetic dentistry, we can give you a ...

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Ashley Appreciates Our Friendly Atmosphere (Video)

Ashley never liked coming to the dentist until she became a patient of Carmichael Dental Care. Thanks to our friendly atmosphere, she compares her appointments to spending time with friends. Watch our video to hear her comment on our front desk staff, our hygienists, and our two dentists. She uses the words “professional” and ...

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8 Ways to Fight Dental Fear

This month many people won’t blink an eye at vampires, zombies, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night – and come to their doors seeking candy. Yet they may be more scared than they care to admit at the thought of coming to the dentist. If you are one of those people, we’re committed to helping you overcome your dental ...

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Dental Implants Questions? We Answer 5 of Them

Getting dental implants is a big step, so we know you’ll have questions. We want you to feel fully confident in your decision before getting these teeth replacements. The best way to get your questions answered is a consultation with one of our dentists. However, we’ve answered some common dental implants questions for you here to help get the ...

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Visit a Family Dentist Who Cares (Video)

Every family dentist says they care about you. At Carmichael Dental Care, we back up our words with action. Jim, one of our patients, says he now looks forward to dentist visits because of the family-like atmosphere of our Montgomery, AL office. Watch the video with Jim to hear about his experience having an old and malfunctioning dental bridge ...

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