Chew Your Way to Better Dental Health With Xylitol Gum

If you could add something to your diet to improve your dental health, you would. Right? While most of us would, the numbers would drop dramatically if the recommended substance had a taste we didn’t like. As dentists, we’re glad when we can recommend a dietary change that most people won’t mind making. Xylitol gum is an easy – and ...

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5 Tips for Dental Veneers Care (Infographic)

While veneers are made of durable materials that resist staining and can last for many years, you can ensure your smile looks terrific as long as possible with our five tips for dental veneers care. Check out the infographic for our tips on caring for dental veneers. Then call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to schedule a dental cleaning or ...

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Facial Rejuvenation Works for Cosmetic & Clinical Procedures (Video)

Our Montgomery, AL dentists treat more than teeth. If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation treatments, we can incorporate them into your regular dental exams. A quick injection will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Getting the treatment from a dentist is preferable to getting it at a day spa, where staff don’t have ...

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When to Brush Your Teeth

Most of us can make some improvements to how we brush our teeth, whether it’s the kind of brush we use or how long we brush. Even when you brush your teeth can be important. To make the most of your oral hygiene, check out our advice from our dentists on when to brush your teeth. Even if you do an awesome job of brushing at home, remember to ...

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Splurge on Your Smile With Your Tax Refund [BLOG]

April 15. We either dread it or look forward to it. If you’ve filed your taxes and have received a refund or will be expecting one, this may be a wonderful opportunity to splurge on your smile. Unlike a trip or a new phone, improving your smile could have long-term benefits, both with your health and appearance. What’s more, many patients tell ...

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Prepare for Warm Weather Sports With an Athletic Mouthguard [VIDEO]

April is National Facial Protection Month, and what better time to raise awareness about this topic than right before summer! Whether your kid will be skateboarding for fun or playing on the soccer team, consider getting them an athletic mouthguard. Carmichael Dental Care can fit your kids (or you!) for a custom mouthguard that fits great, allows ...

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5 Ways to Defeat Dry Mouth (Infographic)

Dry mouth isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s hard on your dental health. Saliva rinses away food debris and other substances to help keep your teeth cavity-free. So a shortage of saliva leaves you susceptible to decay. The good news is, you can make many lifestyle changes to help combat dry mouth. Check out our infographic for five simple ...

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Which Kinds of Easter Candy Are Easiest on Teeth?

With Easter coming soon, you’re probably shopping for treats to fill your children’s baskets. Chances are, you plan to include some candy. Some treats are harder on teeth than others. Read our dentists’ advice here for the best Easter candy for the bunny to bring your kids. If you have any questions or need to make an appointment for ...

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Don’t Believe These 6 Dental Myths

If you’re celebrating April Fool’s Day, you may be trying to convince some of your loved ones of things that aren’t true – all in the name of fun. In talking with our patients, we’ve found that many of them believe dental myths, things about their teeth that aren’t true. Unfortunately, believing some of these things can do real dental ...

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Spruce Up Your Smile for Spring With Cosmetic Dental Treatments

You always want your smile to look terrific – but it’s especially important when you’ll be smiling a lot and many photos will be taken. That’s certainly the case at springtime events like dances, graduations, and weddings. Photos from these occasions often become a key part of family memories, so you want to look your best! Let us help, ...

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