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Dr. Chet Swartzentruber is dedicated to building real relationships with our patients. That’s why Carmichael Dental Care is a place our patients are happy to visit, a place where they know they’ll receive the best treatment and guidance as well as compassion and courtesy.

We’re pleased to share these patient testimonials with you, which provide insight as to how your relaxed visits with us will benefit your family’s smiles. Please call 334-600-1423 or contact us through our online form with any questions or to schedule your own appointment today at our Montgomery, AL dentist office. We love seeing kids, so bring the entire family along!

Jim T on Replacing his Bridge

Awesome, they really are. I've known Judy for a good while and followed her and, when she moved to Dr. Chet’s, she said, "Jim, y'all need to come see Dr. Chet.” So. He was awesome, I mean, we ...

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Karen W on her Implant and Crowns

Dr. Chet is open to what I like to do. I've had a lot of crowns and implants, and over the years, I'm to the point now where I'm having to have them redone from when I had them years ago. And he ...

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Matt B on the Hospitality of Carmichael Dental Care

I was scared to death to go to the dentist growing up and now, I've got braces so I didn't know how it was gonna work. I hated my smile and as a pastor for a multi-site church, so sometimes they put ...

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Siedrick O on Getting Teeth Whitening

In the beginning, personally, it was one of those things that they had to do cleaning for … they had to do cleaning for my teeth. It was one of those things that it was kind of a little bit of an ...

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