Protect Your Teeth And Relieve Your Pain With TMJ/Teeth Grinding Treatment

Though TMJ and teeth grinding are mysterious conditions, Dr. Swartzentruber, Dr. Keahey, and our Carmichael Dental Care team know how to prevent both. You may be dealing with either of these issues if you’re experiencing:

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  • Clicking or popping in your jaw while talking, yawning, or eating
  • Discomfort in your jaw, face, neck, and shoulders
  • Headaches, especially upon waking up
  • Tooth sensitivity

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Get Fast And Easy Solutions For TMJ Pain And Teeth Grinding

A major reason you may be coping with either of these issues is stress in your jaw and facial muscles. To relieve your discomfort, we provide the following treatments:

  • A customized nightguard, also known as a splint, which relieves stress on your jaw and prevents you from grinding your teeth at night and wearing down the enamel (a condition known as bruxism)
  • Facial rejuvenation treatment, which relaxes your facial and jaw muscles to relieve unnecessary stress and prevent pain

Why You May Require TMJ or Teeth Grinding Treatment

TMJ is a term used to refer to your temporomandibular joints, which are your jaw joints. If the pressure is being put on these joints, it can lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD. This condition is not your fault – it could be caused by arthritis or brought on due to a past injury.

TMD must be dealt with as soon as possible, particularly to prevent daily headaches as well as bruxism while you’re asleep. Bruxism is a culprit that must be caught, as teeth grinding leads to expensive dental treatments to repair the damage it can cause.

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