Improve Your Smile’s Look & Function With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction In Montgomery

A full-mouth reconstruction in Montgomery can change your life. Widespread dental issues that cause discomfort or embarrassment can be fully corrected by Dr. Chet Swartzentruber, Dr. Shawn Keahey, and the rest our team at Carmichael Dental Care. You won’t have to put up with dental pain or hiding your smile anymore after receiving our comfortable dental services. We’re here to help you with treatments that will:

  • Replace any missing teeth, even all your teeth
  • Improve your appearance and oral health so you can smile more confidently and comfortably chew foods you love
  • Prevent further dental issues from affecting your health since damaged or missing teeth can cause pain, compromise other teeth, and limit what you can eat

Call 334-600-1423 to schedule an appointment at our office today to get started on rehabilitating your smile. Ask how you can get 20 percent off your treatment with our Carmichael Advantage Dental Savings Plan.

Enjoy Your New, Strong, & Long-Lasting Smile

Gaining your new smile from Dr. Swartzentruber and Dr. Keahey of Carmichael Dental Care may be easier than you think. Our doctors and staff ensure your comfort during any procedure, which may include:

  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They’re made of titanium and gently placed into your jawbone. Your implants will serve as strong anchors for replacement teeth, which will look natural in your smile and never slip out of place while you eat, laugh, or chat with friends and family. We will examine your mouth using digital X-rays to make sure your implants can be secured in the proper place. Your implants will be placed by an oral surgeon, and we will create your custom replacement teeth.
  • Dentures – We offer full and partial conventional dentures to improve your smile if you need a few or all of your teeth replaced. Your long-lasting and natural-looking dentures will be made to fit comfortably in your mouth. We can also secure your dentures to dental implants.

Our doctors and staff care about your comfort and health in equal measures. You’ll always be made to feel at home in our office. Pillows and TVs are just a few of the ways we can take your mind off your procedure if you don’t like being in a dentist’s chair. We also offer sedation options if you suffer from dental anxiety.

Call 334-600-1423 today or use our online form to request a consultation for a full-mouth reconstruction in Montgomery. We’re prepared to take excellent care of your smile so you can enjoy it for years to come.