Fall in Love with Your Perfect Smile This Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hope you’re able to share this Valentine’s Day with someone you care about deeply. If you’re like many of us, you’ll put in extra time to spruce up your appearance. You want to look great for your significant other! If your smile is stopping you from doing that, or if it’s preventing you from feeling confident enough to meet someone, ...

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Stop Bad Snoring With Sleep Apnea Treatment In Montgomery, AL [Blog]

No one is perfectly quiet when they sleep, so at least a little snoring is both common and nothing to worry about. It’s when that snoring becomes bad that you need to be concerned. Bad snoring is a major sign you could have sleep apnea, a disorder that robs you of the sleep you need. That’s why you need to call Carmichael Dental Care today ...

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5 Tips to Care for Teeth When You’re Sick

Because of busy schedules, it can be tough to care for teeth even in the best of times. It’s especially difficult, though, if you’re sick. When you’re ill, you may find it tough to do much more than get out of bed. We hope you’re not sick – but we realize you may be, given we’re in the midst of cold and flu season. While flu season ...

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5 Ways a Dental Crown Makes a Smile Better (Infographic)

With a dental crown, it’s possible to fix almost any kind of dental damage. Whether you’ve got a broken tooth or a missing one, our dentists can use a crown to restore your smile’s appearance and functionality. While a crown repairs many issues on its own, it can also replace missing teeth when used with a dental implant or a dental ...

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Use the Right Angle When Brushing Teeth (Video)

When you see someone brushing teeth on TV, they often move their brush straight up and down. Problem is, that’s wrong. To get your smile clean and keep it in great shape, you need to use a 45-degree angle when brushing teeth. Watch our video to see how it’s done. We’re also happy to demonstrate the proper technique when you visit us for ...

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Kick Off New Year With 8 Dental Health Resolutions

Unless one of your resolutions for the New Year is to avoid procrastination, you may still be working on your list for 2019. We hope you’ll consider making some to improve your dental health. We’ve provided a list of eight suggested dental health resolutions for you to consider. Unlike going to the gym, most of them are pretty easy. They ...

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Give Yourself the Gift of Smile Beautification

Everyone knows that the days after the holidays are a great time for getting yourself the gifts you wanted but didn’t receive. This year, why not give yourself the gift of smile beautification? Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to schedule a consultation and find out which cosmetic dental treatments will give you the smile you’ve always ...

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Holiday Food: What’s Naughty and What’s Nice

Eating a lot of naughty holiday food this time of the year can negatively affect your dental health – and your waistline too. If you stick mostly to nicer foods, your smile will remain healthy. Since we’re in the thick of parties and other events, our dentists have provided a guide to healthy holiday eating. If you have any questions about it ...

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Look & Feel Better With Teeth Whitening! [VIDEO]

Siedrick came to Carmichael Dental Care to get his oral health back on track. Once he achieved that goal, he was ready to brighten up his smile. Hear Siedrick talk about how he looks and feels better thanks to our teeth whitening treatment and why he says it was a worthy investment! Ready to have a smile that’s merry and bright this ...

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Is TMJ Stealing Your Holiday Joy? [QUIZ]

Are chronic headaches, jaw pain, and muscle tension stealing your holiday joy? Maybe it’s time to visit Carmichael Dental Care for our TMJ and teeth grinding solutions! We can help ease the pressure you’re putting on your teeth and jaw caused by TMJ disorder and bruxism with a customized oral splint or facial rejuvenation treatment. ...

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