We are in the final quarter of 2022. That means it’s time to make a dental appointment if you want to maximize your dental insurance benefits.

Below, we are sharing three good reasons you should plan to visit our Montgomery, AL dental office sooner than later.

1. Benefits Expire

Dental insurance plans are generally good for a year. Those plans often coincide with the calendar year. By not visiting the dentist, you are not taking advantage of your coverage.

2. Using Your Plan Could Save You Money

Most dental plans encourage preventive care. That means your cleanings and exams may be covered mostly or completely by your insurance provider. A preventive visit now can help you avoid dental problems, as well as the time and cost associated with treatment.

3. Get What You’ve Paid For

Dental insurance payments have been coming out of your paycheck all year. If you don’t visit the dentist, then you are paying for services that you aren’t getting.

Don’t lose your benefits! Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to schedule an appointment in Montgomery, AL. You also can request an appointment online.