We Get To Know You & What You Want For Your Smile [VIDEO]

Carmichael Dental Care is a judgment-free zone, so you never have to feel embarrassed about your smile when you come to our Montgomery, AL dental practice for help. Whether it’s a dental health issue or flaws with your teeth that make you unhappy about your smile, we can use advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques to help you ...

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Breast Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Oral Health [BLOG]

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What does that have to do with dental issues? In the United States, more than 200,000 women receive a breast cancer diagnosis each year. For almost all of them, chemotherapy will be one of the approaches used in treating their cancer. Chemotherapy has a host of side effects, but not enough ...

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Are You Breathing Easily & Sleeping Peacefully At Night? [QUIZ]

Feeling sluggish lately? Having a hard time concentrating at home and at work? You could be spending night after night fighting a dangerous health condition and not even realize it. Sleep apnea keeps you from breathing freely and from getting the rest your body needs for more energy and better health. Take our quiz to see if you should ...

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It’s a Little Tricky to Pick Right Halloween Treats

You don’t want to be that parent – you know, the one who doesn’t let their kids have candy, even at Halloween. And you don’t have to be. Not all treats are terrible for teeth. Halloween treats are a big part of what makes this month so fun. Check our dentists’ recommendations so you know which treats are easiest on your children’s ...

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Which Tooth Replacement Is Right for You?

There’s a lot at stake on picking the right tooth replacement. How you replace missing teeth affects how your smile looks, feels, and functions. At Carmichael Dental Care, we know it’s a big decision. We want to provide as much information as we can to help you choose a tooth replacement. Call our Montgomery, AL office at 334-600-1423 to ...

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Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

From job opportunities to comedy punchlines, so often in life timing is everything. It can even affect your dental costs. That’s because most dental insurance plans cap your annual benefits. So you can receive a maximum amount of money in a single year, usually somewhere in the range of $1,000 to $2,000. You can’t “bank” it and use it ...

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How to Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

In a way, wisdom teeth are like termites. For something you mostly can’t see, they can cause a lot of trouble. The potential for trouble is why our Montgomery, AL dentists may recommend wisdom teeth removal. Most people get wisdom teeth in their late teens or early 20s. They may or may not experience discomfort. Since wisdom teeth are the ...

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Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? (Infographic)

f you’ve got an infected tooth, you’ll need root canal therapy to save it. But does an infected tooth always hurt? While pain is a common symptom, it’s not always present. And it’s also not usually the only indicator you need a root canal. Check out our infographic, then call us ASAP at 334-600-1423 if you’re experiencing any of the ...

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Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Dental Problems (Video)

You probably look forward for years to some rites of passage, like getting your driver’s license. You may barely even be aware of others. If they don’t hurt, you may not pay much attention to wisdom teeth, the third and final set of molars that tend to come in during your late teenage years or early 20s.   Wisdom teeth are sometimes ...

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How to Improve Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

Is it really harder to get your children to brush or floss their teeth than to do homework? Yes, according to respondents of a recent Delta Dental survey. Forty-five percent ranked getting a child to floss as their most challenging parental chore, ahead of brushing (cited by 37 percent), making the bed (30 percent) and finishing homework on time ...

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