Get Your Facial Rejuvenation at the Dentist [PHOTO]

Have you been thinking about procedures like Botox to get back that youthful appearance? Maybe you’re a thirty-something who is starting to notice new lines. Perhaps you’re a fifty-something empty-nester who is ready to do something for your appearance. No matter your situation, men and women have benefited from facial rejuvenation at the ...

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Can Our Dentist Help With Your Jaw Pain? [QUIZ]

How do you deal with chronic jaw pain in Montgomery? Do you take an anti-inflammatory every day or every time it flares up? Do you avoid certain foods that seem to make the pain worse? Or do you simply not know what to do? Pain in your jaw is often a sign of TMJ disorder, or TMD (you may have heard people calling it just “TMJ”). Sometimes ...

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Redesign Your Smile With a Set of Veneers [BLOG]

It doesn’t matter if you’re 27 or 67 – time sets in and plays a role on your appearance, whether welcomed or not. Many people look to new haircuts, cosmetic facial treatments, fitness routines, and more to restore that youthful look. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that. If you’ve noticed signs of aging on your smile – perhaps ...

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Kids Dental Cleanings Do More Than Make Smiles Shine [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new school year means a long checklist to make sure your kids have everything they need. If you’re on top of all the supplies, forms, and more, we salute you! But have you remembered kids dental cleanings to ensure they start the school year off with healthy smiles? Biannual dental cleanings are important for keeping cavities at bay. ...

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Brushing for Two: Don’t Neglect Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental care is always important. But dental care during pregnancy is absolutely critical. Just like everything else that happens when you’re expecting, what you do has the potential to affect not just you, but your unborn baby. Why Dental Care During Pregnancy Is So Important We bet you’ve heard the phrase “eating for two.” While some ...

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Get a Whiter Smile in an Hour – or Even Less

Some smile improvements take time. For example, it will take at least two visits to our office, spread out over a week or more, for us to add dental veneers or a dental crown to your smile. But what if you need a great-looking smile in less time than that? Maybe your pal finally arranged for you to have dinner with a coworker who you’ve been ...

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Our Dental Restorations Come From Top Labs (Video)

When it comes to dental restorations like veneers and crowns, the skills of technicians at the dental labs used by your dentist are just as important as the skills of your dentist. Watch our video with Dr. Chet Swartzentruber to hear about the importance of the close partnership we have with our dental lab. A strong working relationship is an ...

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6 Tips for Oral Hygiene on the Go

If you’re like many folks, you’ve got a trip or two scheduled this summer. Whether you’re taking a cruise, flying across the country, or camping in the woods, you’re ready for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, oral hygiene on the go can be a challenge since travel disrupts our routines. Our Montgomery, AL dentists have offered some ...

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Do I Have a Sleep Apnea Problem? (Quiz)

If you’re tired all the time, you may have a sleep apnea problem. Sleep apnea, a condition during which your airway repeatedly becomes blocked while you sleep, not only affects your rest. It’s been linked to such serious conditions as high blood pressure and diabetes. Our Montgomery, AL dentists can help you get a better night’s rest ...

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Check Out Some of the Latest Toothbrush Trends

June 26 is National Toothbrush Day – which is a cause for celebration if you’re a dentist. We aren’t the only ones who think so. In 2003, Americans named the toothbrush as the top invention they couldn’t live without in a survey the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The humble toothbrush dates back to 3000 BC when Egyptians ...

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