All major investments throughout your lifetime are made after much time and thought.

It’s how you decide which home to buy, which stocks to invest in, and what type of retirement plan you choose.

An investment you make that has just as much an impact on your future as any other is which option you choose to replace missing teeth.

Our team at Carmichael Dental Care wants to give you the tools to make the right choice, which is why we’re devoting today’s blog to dental implants and what they can save you down the road.

What You Save With Dental Implants

The process of placing a dental implant involves three components:

*First, the implant itself goes inside your jawbone and acts as your new root.

*Then, an abutment is attached to the implant.

*Finally, a dental crown, connected to the abutment, is secured in place as your new tooth.

It’s the longest-lasting of all tooth replacement solutions, and along with that, dental implants save you quite a bit in the future!

*They Save You Time & Money In The Long Run*

Among all tooth replacement contenders, dental implants are the current reigning champs!

First, they save you time and money by helping you avoid a series of dental appointments, replacements, and potential invasive procedures and oral surgeries.

Because implants become a part of you as they bond with your jawbone, you won’t have to keep coming back to replace them every few years.

Also, you won’t have to risk jawbone deterioration and more tooth loss in the future because the implants will keep your jaw engaged, and the surrounding teeth and gums healthy and strong, too.

Dental implants also make it easier to keep your mouth clean and your oral health on track. You brush and floss each day as if you were cleaning your very own teeth. No extra cleaning, scrubbing, or care products are needed as they are with removable dentures, which saves you more time and money!

*They Save You From The Stress & Shame Of Tooth Loss*

How you feel about yourself plays a big part in your overall wellness. A toothless smile, even if only one tooth is missing, is enough to completely rob you of self-confidence and influence your willingness to be around other people.

Often, tooth loss patients allow themselves to become socially isolated so they don’t have to deal with the stress and shame of an embarrassing smile.

Dental implants can save you from that by giving you an attractive, complete smile, liberating you from self-imposed isolation and freeing you to engage with family, friends, and new acquaintances.

When your self-esteem is restored, you’ll feel like anything is possible and that life is meant to be lived amongst the people you care about.

*They Save Your Health*

First, dental implants and restorations are a winning combination for your oral health.

That’s thanks to their biocompatibility, which means the implant will naturally fuse with your jawbone and encourage new, healthy bone growth and lasting strength. No other tooth replacement can do that because all other forms sit on top of your gums.

The second way implants save you is by helping you eat a balanced, nutritious diet and chew your food more thoroughly for easier digestion.

A strong jawbone and bite will keep your gums healthy, your remaining teeth firmly in place, and your total body well-nourished.

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Don’t you think all the savings we’ve talked about in today’s blog are worth the investment in dental implants?

Don’t you think your health and happiness are worth it?

We certainly do!

Our team at Carmichael Dental Care couldn’t be more excited about giving you a great smile that makes you feel confident and helps you live your healthiest, most fulfilling life.

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