It’s unfortunate, but true – bad things happen to good teeth, and those bad things don’t always happen during office hours. In any dental emergency, the worst thing you can do is to try to “tough out” the situation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that lost time can equal lost teeth. The best thing you can do is to call Carmichael Dental Care in Montgomery, AL at once at 334-600-1423.

Types Of Dental Emergencies

Hospital emergency rooms see many patients who aren’t critically ill. Easing suffering and preserving function are very legitimate reasons for emergency care.

A dental emergency is no different. Emergency dental care will alleviate suffering and in most cases save the affected tooth. It’s always better to keep your natural teeth than it is to spend a lot of time and pay a lot of money to have a tooth replaced.

You have a dental emergency if you’re experiencing:

  • Unexplained severe dental pain. This is almost always due to an underlying infection. That infection has already reached the tooth nerve, which is why you’re in pain. Left untreated – and dental infections rarely clear up on their own – that infection can lead to tooth loss and damage to the underlying bone.
  • Severe dental pain that stops suddenly for no reason. This doesn’t mean that the situation is resolved. It does mean that the nerve has died so it can’t send pain signals any more. You almost certainly have an infection that needs to be treated as soon as possible.
  • Tooth damage. Tooth damage can be due a dental restoration such as a filling or crown that fails, or by biting into something that’s too hard. Dental decay weakens tooth enamel and can cause it to break. Any of these scenarios can expose the interior of the tooth to disease-causing bacteria. Get prompt emergency care to avoid a dental infection.
  • A tooth that comes out or been knocked out of its socket. Your permanent teeth are designed to stay firmly rooted in your jaw. A tooth that falls out on its own indicates that either the root has deteriorated, the underlying bone has been damaged, or both. On the other hand, a tooth that is knocked out by an impact can often be re-inserted so that it can re-root.

First Steps

In any dental emergency, call Carmichael Dental Care in Montgomery, AL at once at 334-600-1423. We keep a chair open during the day for emergency cases, so the odds are that we’ll be able to see you very quickly. If your emergency happens after hours, call anyway! You’ll be given Dr. Chet Swartzentruber’s cell phone number. He’ll determine whether you need to be immediately or whether the problem can be addressed the next day.

When you arrive at our Montgomery, AL office, our dentists will get you out of pain instantly, carefully assess the problem, and offer treatment options. Please note that our dentists will always do everything they can to preserve your tooth or teeth unless you choose otherwise.

Dental infections can be treated effectively with antibiotics. A root canal – these days about as “bad” as getting a filling – will remove all of the infection and the tooth nerve. A dental crown will protect your tooth and allow you to chew comfortably.

Don’t Wait In A Dental Emergency

Take action at once if you have a dental emergency. Call Carmichael Dental Care in Montgomery, AL at 334-600-1423 at once. We’ll take very good care of you.