You always want your smile to look terrific – but it’s especially important when you’ll be smiling a lot and many photos will be taken. That’s certainly the case at springtime events like dances, graduations, and weddings. Photos from these occasions often become a key part of family memories, so you want to look your best! Let us help, with cosmetic dental treatments.

We can ensure your smile looks wonderful for your spring social occasions – and many years into the future. Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our dentists. We’ll consider your smile needs, the condition of your teeth, and other factors to help determine which procedures will work best for you.

Conceal Flaws With Cosmetic Dental Treatments

If you’ve got flaws like chips, stains, or gaps, you can hide them with one of two cosmetic dental treatments: dental veneers or tooth bonding. Though both procedures can conceal imperfections, veneers are a bit more versatile. You can use porcelain veneers to change the size, shape, and/or color of your teeth. Though they cost more than bonding, you’ll get more years of wear out of veneers.

Both treatments are minimally invasive. Our dentists will remove a tiny portion of enamel from teeth before affixing your custom-made veneers to them. Because of this, veneers are not a reversible procedure. With bonding, they simply apply tooth-colored composite to teeth and harden it with an ultraviolet light.

Whiten Teeth for a Camera-Ready Smile

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to improve your smile’s appearance is with a teeth whitening treatment. We offer a treatment in our office, to brighten teeth several shades in about an hour. Or we’ll provide you with professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made whitening trays you can use at home for more gradual whitening. Either way, your results will be brighter than what you can achieve with products purchased from a drugstore; our products contain a higher concentration of whitening ingredients.

Get a Gorgeous Gumline & a Younger-Looking Face

Cosmetic dental treatments aren’t just for your teeth. We can also give you a more attractive gumline, using our dental laser. With a laser, removing excess gum tissue is fast and pain-free. We’ll give you the right balance of teeth and gums. No more “gummy” look!

If you want to complement your new smile with a younger-looking face, we can help! Our facial rejuvenation treatments relax your facial muscles, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. We can also add volume to your cheeks and/or lips with dermal fillers. With either treatment, we can numb you with a topical treatment beforehand so you won’t feel any discomfort. Classmates at your reunion will wonder how you’ve managed to keep such a young-looking appearance!

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