It won’t be long before your kids go back to school! So you’re probably thinking about notebooks and new shoes. But to start the school year off right, you should also be thinking about family dental care. 

The Carmichael Dental Care team can help you with:

  • Cleaning and Examining Your Crew’s Teeth – We suggest getting exams and cleanings for your family before they get too busy with school. Their teeth will look and feel great and we can treat any small issues like cavities so they don’t become bigger problems. Call now so you don’t get caught in the back to school rush. 
  • Removing Wisdom Teeth – If your teenager is having tooth pain, it could be their wisdom teeth. Bring them to see us ASAP. If they need wisdom teeth removal, we’ll want to do it soon so they have plenty of time to recover before classes start.
  • Straightening Crooked Smiles – Your child will likely feel more comfortable with clear aligners than with bulky metal braces. Still, it’s a good idea to start their orthodontic treatment now so they get accustomed to their aligners before they get back in the classroom.
  • Boosting Your Bunch’s Confidence – A new school year gives your child an opportunity to try new activities. Whether they are applying for an internship or joining a club, they’ll feel more confident if their smile looks good. Schedule an appointment for teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments now. 
  • Protecting Teeth From Athletic Injuries – If they play sports, your kids need to cover their teeth with a mouthguard. Our custom-fit mouthguards offer better protection than those purchased from a store. 

Get your family dental care out of the way before you get busy with fall activities! Call us today to schedule your appointments in Montgomery, AL.