You remember when you could walk into a restaurant and order anything you wanted from the menu. You also remember looking forward to family cookouts because you knew there would be great food to pile on your plate.

Now, you have to worry about what you can eat because many things are just too difficult to bite and chew.

By getting the right replacement teeth, you can look forward to eating your favorite foods again. You can stop worrying about problems with your remaining teeth or your loose restorations. 

At Carmichael Dental Care, you will find a variety of restorative options, including implant-supported dentures, to recreate your complete smile and your full biting power. To get this for yourself, take your first step by calling 334-600-1423 to make an appointment at our Montgomery, AL dental office.

Restore the Full Function of Your Teeth

Of course, you want your smile to look as nice as it can. When you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth, it affects your self-confidence. That also affects how you interact with people personally and professionally.

No one denies that is important. However, it is just as important (if not more so) to regain your ability to bite and chew. We are happy to report that this is possible when you get dental implants to anchor your dentures and bridges in your mouth.

Studies have shown that people who have implants can bite with practically as much power as someone who has a full set of healthy teeth. That means you won’t have to stick to mashed potatoes and soup. You also won’t need to use funny-tasting denture adhesives to temporarily regain some of your ability to eat.

Implants also prevent your dentures from sliding around when you speak and eat. That can spare you from some embarrassing moments.

Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Oral Health

Implants were invented to be roots for your replacement teeth. They are placed directly in your jawbone, which provides some important benefits that will keep your mouth healthy for decades with proper care.

Implants make dentures better by:

  • Securing your new teeth – By acting like roots, implants keep your new teeth firmly in place. This is why you don’t need to fuss with denture adhesives.
  • Stimulating your jaw – Your roots did the same thing. Whenever you bite and chew your roots or implants push into your jawbone. That causes new tissue growth, which is necessary to prevent bone loss.
  • Connecting your new teeth to your jaw – This isn’t a small thing. That direct connection is what allows you to put more force into every bite and chew, which is why you can eat such a wide variety of foods when you have dental implants.

Replace What You’ve Lost

Missing teeth are only the start of what you have lost. With the wrong teeth replacements, you also lose the function of those teeth as well. Don’t let dental problems affect your quality of life. Instead, invest in yourself by getting implants to support your dentures.

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