You are all too aware that you don’t have the smile that you want.

You are tired of seeing crooked teeth when you look in the mirror. You are tired of hiding your teeth when you smile. You want to correct your overbite or your underbite.

You want a straight smile, and you don’t want to wait any longer to make it a reality. You need to schedule a consultation at Carmichael Dental Care in Montgomery, AL. Our doctors can assess your situation and advise whether you are a good candidate for our orthodontic treatment.

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Achieve Your Dream Smile

You should be happy with your smile. It’s hard to place a value on what a great smile can do for your self-confidence.

We have witnessed this transformation many times. Patients come to us because they are disappointed with their crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gaps between their teeth. They want to correct the alignment of their bite and create a perfect smile with straight teeth that they have seen in magazines and on movie screens.

At our office, you have the choice of two clear aligners systems. ClearCorrect and OrthoSnap give you some advantages over braces:

  • Comfort – Aligners are custom-made for each patient. When used as directed, you will have an aligner that fits precisely over your teeth at each step of you treatment without irritating brackets or wires.
  • Shorter Treatment – Patients who use braces regularly need 18 months or longer to straighten their teeth. Good candidates for clear aligners often can change their smiles in about 12 months.
  • Discretion – You can’t really hide the fact that you have braces on your teeth. In contrast, clear aligners blend in visually, so many people won’t realize you are wearing them.

Schedule a visit with us to discover how clear aligners could help you achieve your smile goals.

Step by Step

With these orthodontic options, you receive a series of aligners. When you put an aligner on, it provides some gentle pressure on your teeth. This gets them moving in the direction that you want them to do.

After wearing an aligner for a few weeks, you will swap it with the next one in your series. You can remove your aligner at certain times, such as during meals and for your routine oral hygiene routine. Many people appreciate this convenience compared to braces.

After you are finished with your final aligners, you just have one more step. You will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original positions. This is an essential part of any orthodontic treatment.

Let’s Get Moving

Our team wants you to be happy with your teeth. A straight smile can improve your confidence and make it easier to maintain your oral health.

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