When you get replacement teeth, you want the freedom to enjoy all of your favorite foods. That may not be possible with conventional dentures, though. Since dentures sit on top of your gums, kept in place by suction (and sometimes adhesive), biting into certain foods may cause them to come loose. Attaching your dentures to teeth implants will keep them in place, no matter what you eat.

Implants offer advantages other than a more secure bite. They function like natural tooth roots, stimulating your jaw when you chew so your bone stays strong and healthy. In contrast, wearing conventional dentures causes you to lose bone density over time. That can give you the “shrunken” look sometimes seen in longtime dentures wearers.

Dental implant dentures also may require less care than conventional dentures. With some kinds of implant dentures, you won’t need any special cleaning solutions. You can just brush and floss your teeth like you always have.

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