There are a LOT of videos online showing quadcopter tricks, from how to do spins and spirals to how to do a dead stop. We think they look awesome. There is one quadcopter trick we don’t recommend, though: using one to pull a loose tooth. Somewhat unbelievably, several dads not only have done this with their child’s tooth but also posted it on YouTube.

We bet some of the moms of the children in the videos weren’t happy about it. We aren’t either. If your child’s tooth is loose, the best way to remove it is by grasping it with a tissue and gently squeezing. Watch this video from the American Dental Association for more information.

If you’d rather not pull a loose tooth yourself, you can bring your child to Carmichael Dental Care and we’ll be happy to extract it for you. It will also give us a good chance to check out your child’s teeth and make sure they look good.

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