You’ve scheduled a family portrait. You and your kids are wearing coordinated outfits, and everyone is in a good mood (for now at least). This day will be a nice memory years from now

You’ve put a lot of work into making today possible, including keep your family’s smile looking healthy. Having cavity-free smiles that look natural certainly makes for a nicer picture.

You’re so glad you started bringing your family to Carmichael Dental Care. Our team in Montgomery, AL has helped you deal with small problems and likely prevented a few along the way.

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Great Smiles Don’t Just Happen

You could be born with perfect teeth, but you won’t keep your perfect smile unless you take care of it.

Every day, you are exposing your teeth to foods and drinks that can wear down enamel, cause stains, and even crack teeth. As long as you continue to eat and drink (and you should), you are using your teeth. But like any tool, it can wear down through repeated use.

That’s why preventive care is so important. More than 40 percent of kids have at least one cavity by their 11th birthday, and more than 90 percent of people will develop cavities during their lives.

Cavities are common even among people who brush and floss daily. Cavities can lead to tooth infections, tooth loss, and other oral health problems, but they don’t have too. With regular dental checkups, you can treat tooth decay in the early stages before it can cause serious problems.

And since we offer tooth-colored dental fillings, you and your family can preserve your natural smiles even after you deal with your decay

Being Proactive Is The Best Approach

You should still be brushing and flossing daily. Making this part of your daily routine means you are removing food particles, the bacteria that use those particles for energy, and the plaque created by the bacteria. Doing that won’t remove all risk of decay, but it will greatly reduce the odds that you’ll develop a cavity.

You can further reduce your risks by getting professional dental cleanings and exam as part of your regular routine. We’ll use X-rays to monitor change in your smile and the progress of your kids’ permanent teeth as they erupt.

If we notice problems, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Early treatment is best in those situations. It’s more effective, less invasive, and also less expensive in the long run.

Keep Those Picture-Worthy Smiles

You want your family to be happy and healthy. Developing and maintaining good oral health habits is an important part of that. Our family dental care can be a valuable part of this never-ending process.

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