If you picked 20 people at random, odds are that 19 of them have or will develop tooth decay. Maybe you are the lucky one, but it’s more likely that at some point, you too will have a cavity.

Don’t Live With Pain

Decay can leave your teeth feeling sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks and to sweets as well. You don’t have to deal with this pain when you get a tooth-colored filling as part of our restorative dentistry in Montgomery, AL.

Don’t Let It Get Worse

If you ignore a cavity, it isn’t going to go away on its own. It is going to get worse, and one problem could be a tooth infection. This requires more than a filling. You will need a root canal to fix this. While it isn’t as bad as many people fear, it is still better to act before the infection takes hold.

Don’t Lose Your Smile

If your decay goes unchecked, it can cause a tooth to fall out or require it to be pulled. That can contribute to more problems with more teeth in the future.

Brush, floss, and get regular checkups to prevent tooth decay and to catch cavities early. This way you can do what needs to be done to protect your smile for years to come.

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