You see a commercial on television for the latest special at the local pizza place. You would love to bite into the crust and savor the flavors on that cheesy pie.

But … you are missing teeth. Maybe you have dentures. Maybe you don’t. Either way, you know that eating that particular pizza would be more trouble than it’s worth. Experience has taught you that you can’t bite and chew like you could when you had a mouth full teeth.

If you’d like to enjoy that pizza, a juicy steak, steam carrots, or anything else your heart (and stomach) might desire, then you can do something about it. With full-mouth reconstruction at Carmichael Dental Care, you can feel like you have a full set of teeth again.

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Feel Confident In Your New Teeth

When you’ve lost teeth it changes your life. The teeth missing from your smile change the appearance of your smile, and over time, it can alter the appearance of your face as well.

When you lose teeth, you lose the connection between your teeth and your jawbone. That connection (through the root of your teeth) stimulates the jaw to make new bone tissue. This kept your jaw healthy and strong.

When you lose teeth or replace them with traditional dentures, you lose that connection. You lose the stimulation that keeps your jaw making new tissues. Over time, your jaw begins to shrink. This why dentures can become looser and eating becomes more difficult.

By getting dental implants, you have a way to anchor your dentures in place. This keeps them securely in place. It also recreates the kind of stimulation your jaw received when you had your teeth. This won’t regrow bone tissue that you’ve lost, but it can stop further bone loss.

Eat The Foods That Your Love

That connection does something else, too. It makes your replacement teeth nearly as powerful as natural teeth.

People with traditional dentures are able to eat more foods than people without any kind of teeth replacement. On the other hand, multiple studies have shown that people with dentures only bite with about one-fourth of the force of people with healthy teeth.

By getting implant-supported dentures, you can restore 80 percent or more of your original biting power. Many people regain more than 90 percent of their bite force. The point is that, from a practical standpoint, you can bite and chew anything you want to eat.

You won’t need any kind of adhesive to somewhat keep your dentures in place. It also means you can taste your food instead of tasting the adhesive.

Share Your Smile, Too

Maybe it goes without saying, but having dentures that look and stay secure will give you a natural-looking smile, too. This can boost your confidence in social situations and when taking a bite of the pizza you saw advertised on television.

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