Father’s Day is coming up on June 17. Do you know what you’re getting dad? In our experience, shopping for him can be a little tough – especially if he already has plenty of “dad stuff” like barbecue gear, electronic gadgets, ties, and such.

For a gift that keeps giving, how about some dental gifts for dad? He’d probably be thrilled to get a procedure to improve the looks of his smile. Or if he does really love gadgets, you can get him a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush. It’s not only fun to use, it’ll improve his oral health.

Just in time for Father’s Day, here is a list of dental gifts for dad from our two Montgomery, AL dentists. Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423; we’ll be happy to work out payment and other details with you.

Get Dad a Dental Procedure or Two

We offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments your dad might like for improving his smile. Among them:

  • Teeth whitening. Some of dad’s favorite things, like coffee, tend to make his teeth look dingy. A teeth whitening treatment in our office will make his smile several shades brighter in about an hour. Or he can use professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made trays at home.
  • Tooth bonding. This treatment works well for hiding flaws like stains, chips, uneven edges, and small gaps in just one appointment.
  • Dental veneers. When applied to the front surfaces of teeth, these thin “shells” of toothlike porcelain also cover smile imperfections. They resist staining and will last longer than bonding.
  • Gum reshaping. Our dentists can use a laser to quickly and painlessly correct a crooked gum line or remove excess tissue that is making a smile look too “gummy.”
  • Facial rejuvenation. We can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with facial rejuvenation, if dad wants to look more youthful.

If dad has damaged or missing teeth, he might be interested in restorative dentistry procedures. Our dentists can usually repair issues like cracks or even breaks with a dental crown. They can replace missing teeth with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

For the Gadget Lover, a Bluetooth Toothbrush

If your dad likes gadgets with lots of bells and whistles, he might like to trade in his tired toothbrush for a Bluetooth-enabled model. Amazon sells a popular one from the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries for under $100. Dad can connect his brush to his smartphone to hopefully improve his brushing technique. The brush also offers different settings to brush his teeth, such as ones for extra gum stimulation or enhanced whitening. Another neat feature is a sensor that lights up if dad brushes too hard, which can damage teeth and gums.

Dad Might Like a Dental Emergency Kit

Chances are, traveling dads would appreciate a dental emergency kit. It comes in handy whether dad is on a sales trip for work or a camping trip. You can buy dental emergency kits online or you can make your own. If you go the DIY route, we suggest including:

  • Gauze. You can use it for many purposes, such as applying medication or stopping bleeding.
  • Saline solution. This works well for rinsing out blood or other substances. You can purchase at most drugstores or grocery stores. Or make your own by combining salt and water. (Half a teaspoon of salt per one cup of distilled water or water that has been boiled and then cooled)
  • Ice packs. These are handy for numbing pain and reducing swelling.
  • Dental wax. Dad can use it to avoid irritation from a chipped tooth or even to temporarily replace a lost tooth filling. You can get it at many drugstores or on Amazon.
  • Save-a-Tooth system. This product extends the amount of time you have to get a knocked-out tooth to your dentist, where it can hopefully be reimplanted. You can buy on Amazon.
  • Topical pain reliever. To numb a painful tooth, we suggest clove oil, Orajel or Anbesol.
  • OTC pain medication. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen will also help minimize pain.

DIY Toothbrush Holder, for a Personal Touch

Is your dad appreciative of gifts you make for him yourself? Then maybe he’d like a toothbrush holder to brighten up his brushing. This article has some great ideas, including one made from an action figure and another made from a melted toothbrush (meta!). Most of them are easy to make, and inexpensive too.

We hope you have a great Father’s Day, whether or not dental gifts for dad are involved! If dad needs to see us for a dental exam, or anything else, he can call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423.