How do you deal with chronic jaw pain in Montgomery? Do you take an anti-inflammatory every day or every time it flares up? Do you avoid certain foods that seem to make the pain worse? Or do you simply not know what to do?

Pain in your jaw is often a sign of TMJ disorder, or TMD (you may have heard people calling it just “TMJ”). Sometimes there’s a known cause, sometimes there’s not. Regardless, a Montgomery TMJ dentist like Dr. Chet Swartzentruber or Dr. Shawn Keahey is well acquainted with facial anatomy and therefore reliable TMJ solutions. That includes a simple mouthguard – no meds required.

If you have jaw pain that’s just frustrating or even debilitating, find out if we can help. First, take our quiz below – it’ll only take a minute or two. Then call Carmichael Dental Care with your results, and get in soon for a consultation. You can use our online form if you prefer. Long-term relief is possible, and we’re ready to help!