Have you heard the phrase, attributed to Woody Allen, that 80 percent of life is showing up? When it comes to dental examinations, there’s definitely some true to that. One of the single most important things you can do to keep your teeth healthy is to regularly visit our Montgomery, AL dentist office for dental exams and dental cleanings.

In addition to keeping your teeth looking and feeling great, dental examinations are the best opportunity for our dentists to identify any problems that need to be addressed – preventing them from becoming bigger and more expensive problems later.

A cavity is a good example. If we find a cavity during your dental exam, we can usually repair it with a simple tooth filling. But if we don’t fill the cavity, decay will continue to attack your tooth. Then you’ll need a dental crown or even a root canal to stop the damage. You coulfd even end up losing your tooth!

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Dental Examinations Can Find Many Potential Problems

Cavities aren’t the only thing our dentists look for during dental examinations. They’ll also check for signs of:

  • Gum disease. Since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, we look for signs of it every time we see you. In its early stages, we can get rid of it with a thorough cleaning. More advanced cases require a deep cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing. We use lasers to keep scaling and root planing more comfortable for you.
  • Dry mouth. In addition to being uncomfortable, dry mouth makes you more prone to tooth decay. We may suggest fluoride treatments and special mouth rinses or other products.
  • Worn-down teeth. Teeth that show lots of wear and tear can indicate teeth grinding (bruxism). If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may not even know you have this habit! In addition to damaging your teeth, bruxism can cause headaches and other health problems. We can create a custom mouthguard for you that will stop you from grinding.
  • Cancer. Our dentists look for signs of oral cancer and pharyngeal cancer during your dental examinations. Because they have low survival rates after the five-year mark, early detection is important.

During exams our dentists use high-tech tools like our DIAGNOdent cavity detectors, which use laser fluorescence to find cavities before they can be seen by the naked eye.

6 Ways to Have Great Dental Examinations

We want you to get the maximum benefit from your dental examinations. They will go extra smoothly with a little advance preparation. Try these six tips next time you visit us in Montgomery, AL:

  • Pick a time that works well with your schedule. If you’re always rushed (and stressed) in the mornings, schedule your dental examinations later in the day. If you’re at your best in the mornings, book an early appointment. We open at 8:00 a.m.
  • See us at least twice a year. You should see us every six months to keep your teeth in top shape. We may suggest more frequent visits if you are prone to tartar buildup on your teeth or similar issues.
  • Ask questions. Dental examinations are a great opportunity to ask us questions. Make a note of them beforehand so you won’t forget.
  • Bring paperwork. Before you leave for your appointment, check to see if you have your insurance card, your child’s Social Security card, or any other documents you may need. New patients can download and fill out paperwork prior to their first visit to save time.
  • Make your next appointment. Go ahead and book your next dental exam so you don’t forget! Make a note of it on your smartphone or wherever you keep reminders.
  • Practice good oral hygiene at home. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is the most important thing you can do to avoid dental problems and keep your mouth healthy!

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