After the holidays are over, many of us want to climb back on the healthy-eating wagon and think about what sorts of foods and beverages benefit us – including our smiles. It’s actually possible to fortify your smile with the right foods!

At Carmichael Dental Care, our Montgomery, AL dentists can advise you on how to keep your mouth healthy through diet, lifestyle, and good oral hygiene. Call our office at 334-600-1423 or fill out our online form to set up an appointment. In the meantime, read our suggestions for foods and drinks that will fortify your smile.

Eat Your Way to Good Oral Health

Perhaps not surprisingly, lots of things that help keep our teeth and gums in top shape are the same sorts of things that are good for us overall. Help yourself to the five dental superfoods we’ve listed here to fortify your smile. Combined with regular dental visits and consistent brushing and flossing, they’ll help keep tooth decay and periodontal disease at bay.

  1. Cheese and Yogurt. You probably know that dairy products in general are great for the teeth, mainly because they’re packed with calcium, which is critical for remineralizing and strengthening the enamel. Strong enamel protects your teeth from harmful bacteria. Even among their dairy peers, however, cheese and yogurt are a little bit special. A study found that cheese raises the pH level of the mouth, which lowers the likelihood of developing tooth decay. Yogurt provides your body with probiotics, or healthy bacteria.
  2. Leafy Green Vegetables. Good news! You can still get your calcium and fortify your smile if you don’t consume dairy products. Greens like kale and swiss chard are rich in calcium as well as folic acid, which may promote healthy gums in pregnant women.
  3.  Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables. Produce like apples, carrots, and celery are great for helping keep your teeth clean during the day. They boast a high water content, and stimulate saliva production when chewed. This rinses away food particles and the bacteria that munch on them. The fiber they contain also stimulates the gums.
  4. Nuts. Nuts are low in bacteria-producing carbohydrates, and filled with protein and other good things for your teeth. Their crunchy texture makes your mouth produce more saliva, which washes away food particles and bacteria.
  5. Sugarless Gum. To fortify your smile, you want to encourage saliva production. The act of chewing sugarless gum increases the saliva that’s so important for rinsing away the bad stuff and keeping our mouths clean. Keep in mind that the same does not apply to gums that contain sugar — these are dental no-nos that will contribute to tooth decay.

Stay Hydrated to Fortify Your Smile

Forget the sports drinks, sodas, and juices. If you want to be good to your teeth and your body, make water your beverage of choice. It contains no sugar or acids, and will help keep your mouth clean throughout the day. Your best bet is to get a reusable water bottle and drink tap water, which in most municipalities contains enamel-boosting fluoride.

A good diet is important, but it will never replace good oral care — including professional cleanings and exams every six months. If you live in the Montgomery, AL area, call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to get your next visit on the books.