Remember when you were in school, and your teacher would assign a group project? While two heads are better than one, what often happens in these situations is that one kid does most of the work while everyone else earns equal credit for little-to-no effort.

If you were usually the one stuck picking up the slack for your peers during group projects, then it’s probably easy for you to understand what it’s like for the unsung hero of dentistry – the dental crown!

So much of the work, but so little of the credit. Why?

Because they cover up problem teeth so seamlessly, you hardly remember it’s even there! It steps in to do the job of your natural tooth, both in appearance and function, to the point where it’s easy to take it for granted. 

What they say is true, “Not all heroes wear capes.” So today, your friends at Carmichael Dental Care are giving the dental crown the recognition it deserves for all the ways it can save your smile. Here are five common problems that a new crown can solve:

  1. A cavity has become too large for a standard filling and requires a crown to fully cover the decayed portion of the tooth.
  2. Cracks and other fractures have weakened your tooth, leaving it more vulnerable to damage and decay.
  3. Your tooth was infected, and to save it from extraction, you had a root canal procedure that ended with the placement of a crown so the infection didn’t return.
  4. You have a tooth that draws negative attention to itself when you smile because it’s discolored, misshapen, or cosmetically flawed in some way.
  5. You lost a tooth due to an oral health issue or injury and need to replace it so your smile stays bright, healthy, and beautiful.

Dental crowns can fix a wide range of smile problems, and when you let us repair your teeth in Montgomery, AL, you can trust that your restorations will be made with the highest level care and precision possible! Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to schedule an appointment. You also can request an appointment online.