As you are doing your annual Spring cleaning, don’t forget your smile. Schedule a professional dental cleaning soon and take advantage of our general dental care.

Clear Away What You Don’t Want

Plaque and tartar buildup are common. They are a big part of why more than 90 percent of people develop tooth decay at one time or another. During a professional cleaning, you can have any buildup removed by our dental professionals.

Make Repairs

In home care, experts say the time to fix a leaking roof is when the sun is shining. By visiting ups, you can fix broken, chipped, and decayed teeth so they don’t lead to worse problems.

Spruce Things Up

As part of Spring cleaning, many people make improvements. Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to let your smile shine.

Call Carmichael Dental Care at 334-600-1423 to make an appointment in Montgomery, AL. You also can request an appointment online.