Matt B on the Hospitality of Carmichael Dental Care

I was scared to death to go to the dentist growing up and now, I’ve got braces so I didn’t know how it was gonna work. I hated my smile and as a pastor for a multi-site church, so sometimes they put me on this big screen and so, I was afraid of smiling and having crooked teeth, so when it hit, I’m 42-years-old with six kids, and now I’ve decided I have to get the braces. So they make me feel real comfortable, his assistants—I call them the dental hygienists, I don’t know, I call them Dr. Chet’s girls—they take care of me, they put my favorite music on when I go in. I love Billy Joel, all right, so I walk in, they’ll put Billy Joel on the XM Radio, and then they make me feel real comfortable, tell me what they’re doing before they get in my mouth, and actually, it’s been a great experience.

Having braces, I’ve always been fearful I’m gonna get a cavity underneath there and the last time I was in, they did an X-ray and showed me—even on the screen—my gums, they showed me there was no need for root canal or anything like that, so they make me feel real at home.

Anybody’s that looking for a place to either change, you wanna be comfortable, you want to make sure that they care about you, right? And I think that’s the one thing I’ve learned about this office—this practice is that it’s not just about taking care of your teeth or a root canal, it is they care about you as a person, they know your name, and so, I think you want to be comfortable anywhere you go. To where someone’s gonna be opening and looking at your mouth, it’s a very sensitive, vulnerable area, right? That’s someone you wanna be able to trust and so, I think that’s the main thing: trust.

It’s a great atmosphere, it’s clean, they even play your favorite song for you, right? That’s how they get to know you. How awesome is that? You walk in, they’re like, “Hey, Matt likes Billy Joel and don’t use that wire ’cause it might cut his gums up,” right? They know I’m exactly … they kind of tailor for each individual, for where they’re at, their comfortability level of being with a dentist, so yeah. Comfort, for sure, and care I think they take for each individual patient.

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