Karen W on her Implant and Crowns

Dr. Chet is open to what I like to do. I’ve had a lot of crowns and implants, and over the years, I’m to the point now where I’m having to have them redone from when I had them years ago. And he replaced some old crowns, and he replaced them with all-porcelain crowns, which I asked for. I’ve had dentists before that wouldn’t do that for me.

I once had a dentist that tried to convince me to get gold crowns because they were so strong, and no. There’s no way I was gonna do that. He recently did two dental implants in the back of my mouth and I almost didn’t get them done because I just didn’t think you’d notice that much, and you’d notice when I chew. I thought I could do without them, but I’m so glad I did them. He did a great job. They’re the same color as my teeth.

I was actually developing a wrinkle here from chewing on just one side, and I’m a little vain so I didn’t like that, but because I waited so long to have it done… but yeah. I love being able to chew on both sides. I don’t have any jaw pain from chewing on—I hear it can cause TMJ or something; never had any issues with that.

When I smile and I laugh I know you can see the back teeth. People say you can’t, but yeah, they just turned out great. Dr. Chet’s just—the whole office here, they’re just so kind and fun. It’s a fun environment. I used to get nervous when I went to the dentist. I never get nervous when I’m here. I’m real comfortable and they explain to me exactly what they’re gonna do. Even the hygienist, when she’s cleaning, she’ll say, “Okay, now I’m gonna use a baking soda solution…” or salt water, whatever she does and I like knowing ahead of time what they’re about to do so I can expect it.

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