Jim T on Replacing his Bridge

Awesome, they really are. I’ve known Judy for a good while and followed her and, when she moved to Dr. Chet’s, she said, “Jim, y’all need to come see Dr. Chet.” So.

He was awesome, I mean, we met him, came in here just to say hello and just a regular guy. I mean, he, you know, we talk about baseball and his kids and, you know, and he’s just a good all-around guy.

Other than my cleanings, like I said, he’s put a new bridge in. I had a bridge that lasted for over 20 years and it broke, so I came to him. He said, “Oh, let’s fix it.” He put me a temporary in the first day and it felt so much better, and then got me a new one—made me a new one, and got me going. It took about, I guess, about three weeks. The new one came in and it was just perfect, and on my way again.

They called me several times to make sure I was okay and how the bridge was going and did I even know it was there. I said, “Well, no, I’m not supposed to know it’s there. That’s the …” but it was great. He did a good job, wonderful job.

Love them and the practice and everybody’s so great here. It’s not … whether a normal dental office, I don’t know what that is, but this is kind of like a family here; makes me feel good when I come. I look forward to going to the dentist.

I’d say, “You need a good dentist? You need to go to mine.” I said, “He’s just, you know, he’s great, and I think you’ll like him if you go.”

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